Project 5.3.7b Dragster Design and Fabrication

You have been asked to submit a design and prototype of a dragster that will be considered by a racing team for this year’s drag racing season. Last year’s design was not very aerodynamic and the team lost valuable seconds because of it. There will be several automobile manufacturers at this year’s race. They will be looking for new ideas that they can implement to improve the efficiency of next year’s showroom models. The basic principles of design and materials must be applied as you solve your major concerns. The goal is to design and produce a vehicle that will travel a given distance in the shortest amount of time when powered by compressed air. Your time trials will be very important, as they will support your claim of the best design.

It is important that you apply the design process that you learned in the Design and Modeling™ unit in order to solve problems. In this project you will apply problem-solving skills, group dynamics, and research skills. You will use your knowledge coupled with common sense to design and build a model of a vehicle. You must consider the project requirements as you design the vehicle so that it will travel a distance in the shortest amount of time when powered by compressed air as its fuel.

In this project you will use 3D modeling software to design your dragster body. The axles and wheel files will be given to you so that you can assemble your dragster vehicle in the 3D program. You will then create the working drawings which you will use to create your dragster model.

· GTT notebook
· Pencil
· Sketch paper
· Computer with 3D modeling software
· Dragster models (previously completed)
· Axle, Front Wheel, and Rear Wheel files (saved to the same location as your dragster body design)

You will design and build a model of a dragster vehicle using your 3D modeling program and the prototyping lab. You must document the stages of the design process in the engineering notebook section of your GTT notebook.