Activity 1.1 – Technology Impacts


Aren’t you glad you aren’t living during the early colonial times of our country? Most of the daylight hours were spent working to keep food on the tables, clothes on bodies, and preparing shelter to keep the harsh winters or scorching summers under control. Most people had no idea what technology was and very few realized its impact on their lives. News traveled by word or mouth, letters by Pony Express, and when visits were made they were most likely done by foot or on horseback.

Today, we understand that the main purpose of technology is to improve the quality of human life. Although technology has impacted society in many different ways, there are times when its impact has not always been good. Scientists and people in areas of leadership are responsible for choosing whether to pursue the further development of new advances and developments based on their overall impact on society.

Communication, production, transportation, and biotechnology are interrelated. For example, the computer that was used to write this document is an example of communication technology, but it is produced using the principles of production technology (copy machine). The combining of these technologies gives humans a much greater variety of useful products.

In this activity, you will research four different areas of technology and evaluate their positive and negative impacts on society.